Steps to Bringing Home a Healthy Betta (Video)

Worried about choosing a sick betta from the pet store? Wondering where to buy your fish and how to transport him safely to your home aquarium? Watch the above video to get some important tips on where to buy your betta, how to select a healthy one, and also how to keep him safe while traveling to his new home.

The Ideal Diet for Your Betta

The Ideal Diet for your Betta

To keep your Betta healthy and thriving, you must feed it a specific diet. Nutritional Needs When Bettas are in their natural habitat, which is stagnant water and pools, they mostly eat live insects that are in the water. Therefore, if you want to offer your Betta a healthy diet, consider a nutritional complement. Give … Read more

Betta Fish Tank Setup – Get a Crash Course on the Essentials (Video)

What do you need for your Betta fish tank setup? Get a CRASH course in setting up your Betta fish tank so your Betta can be happy and healthy in his environment. Learn about Betta tank filters, tank setup and size, substrate, water temperature, and so much more! If you have a Betta tank, don’t miss this handy crash course video. Enjoy!

Proper Feeding of Your Betta Fish

Proper Feeding for Your Betta Fish

The proper feeding of your Betta is extremely important to keeping him happy and healthy. As most fish owners know, there is proper food for every species of fish and one of these selective eaters is the Betta fish. Wild Betta Feeding In nature, Bettas eat what their perfect environment provides which gives them all … Read more

Betta History and Geography

Betta History and Geography

The beautiful Betta fish is indigenous to the homeland waters of Thailand. Living in shallow pools of water, streams that are polluted, muddy rice paddies and other stagnant bodies of water with low oxygen content, Bettas were exported to the United States and other countries just over 100 years ago. Quickly, they have become one … Read more