Basic Tips for Breeding Your Betta

Most people who purchase Bettas do not intend to start a breeding project. However, many fall in love with their Betta so much that they decide it would be an enjoyable experience to breed them.

There is no “perfect” way to breed your Betta, but regardless of the method you use, you will discover it is a fascinating hobby.

The Ways Bettas Breed

There are two ways that Bettas breed. The method will depend entirely upon which Betta you have.

Certain species, such as the mouthbrooders (banded Betta and the painted Betta), breed by the male scooping up the fertilized eggs with his mouth, which he uses to hold them until they hatch. Bettas such as the popular Siamese Fighting Fish and the peaceful Betta build homes for them to hatch called bubblenests. The male takes a lead role in building this nest as well as guarding it against predators until the eggs hatch.

Equipment Needed for Breeding

Most people either start breeding bettas as a hobby or they want more fish for their aquarium. They also want to give them to people who express interest. If this is the case, you don’t need more than one fish tank. Alongside this tank, use several clean jars to hold the male Bettas.

Keep Your Bettas in Separate Tanks from Other Fish When Breeding

When Bettas are ready to breed, they do not mind if the breeding tank is full of other fish. However, because of their territorial nature, their behavior can be damaging to your other fish. Additionally, Bettas’ tank mates could easily eat the eggs and newborns once they hatch and live within the tank.

When Bettas court and spawn, you will notice elevated activity in the tank. They chase each other and whirl around the entire aquarium which may appear as if they are a danger to each other. This is another reason why the Bettas should be in a separate tank from other fish. The fish could suffer injury during the Bettas’ courting rituals.

Beginner Betta Breeding

Male and female betta with a heart

It might be wise to begin breeding with inexpensive Bettas. This way you will decide if you want to continue, and you will learn the basics of breeding without spending large amounts of money. If you decide you love it, consider purchasing several male and female bettas to work with simultaneously. This can cost a lot of money, so it’s more practical to keep the females in one aquarium. Keep the males in separate glass jars with a hose and airstone. If you plan on keeping them next to each other, slip a dark piece of cardboard, construction paper or other non-transparent material in between each jar so the males cannot see each other or they will try to get to each other and fight.

Betta breeding has become a hobby and a wonderful enjoyment for many Betta owners. Begin with one pair of Bettas in their own tank and become familiar with every aspect of breeding. Soon you will come to love the process of watching these beautiful little fish hatch and grow before your eyes!