Aquarium Supplies You Will Need for Your Betta

As most fish owners know, there is basic tank supplies and equipment needed to keep their Betta Fish happy and healthy. There’s the correct size tank for the number of fish as well as filtration, lighting, a thermometer (and possibly a heater), plants, gravel and food. But, there are several items that are sometimes overlooked, yet they are equally important.


First, it’s vital that you buy a net in the size that works for your fish and for your tank. The smaller nets are used to scoop up little fish as well as fry, because the webbing in these nets is softer to the touch. This size net is also ideal for reaching and cleaning up uneaten food and debris that may float in the water in your aquarium.

When you remove your Betta Fish from the aquarium, it’s better to have several different size nets to perform this task. Many times you will scoop up two fish at a time if you coax them toward each other. You can perform many Betta care tasks with nets so it’s important that you invest in this inexpensive and time-saving tool.


The scraper is a perfect tool to use when removing algae from the glass of your aquarium. Look for a scraper that has a two-sided head. One side has a sponge that is ideal to remove algae loosely attached to your aquarium and the other side is a pad that has a surface which is perfect for those tougher jobs such as dried-on algae and lime that easily builds up on the surfaces of your tank. Make sure that the scraper has a very long handle so you can access those hard-to-reach areas. The opposite end of the scraper may have a fork-like, plastic apparatus that is perfect for planting and moving gravel.


Aquarium plants

One piece of equipment Betta owners often forget is the piece of plastic hose used as a siphon. Many times debris will collect in your tank which creates an unhealthy environment for your Betta. As a regular part of good maintenance, it’s important that you siphon these particles away by placing one end of the hose in the aquarium water and the other in an empty bucket on the floor. To start the siphon, suck on the lower end of the hose to start the water flowing. Although this is a simple and inexpensive procedure, if you prefer, you can purchase an electric siphon from your local pet store.

Different size hoses have varying uses. For example, Betta owners use a longer, wider type of funnel hose to clean the gravel bed. This shape and design is ideal for getting the much finer debris sifted out of your aquarium. Many owners believe that between siphoning in this way and changing some of the water at least once a week, your aquarium water will stay sparkling and your Betta happy and healthy.

Betta Tank Test Kits

Finally, make sure you are always aware of the water condition in your aquarium. Having several test kits on hand to monitor pH, nitrate levels and even the hardness of your water will ensure a perfect environment for your beautiful Betta.

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