Betta Colors

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CellophaneSkin has only a slight yellow pigmentation, if any
The fins are translucent
The organs are flesh-colored and most times can be seen through the skin
Albino Lacks all pigmentation, including the eyes, which appear to be light pink or red
Very rare
White Opaque Pure white when young
Milky overlay of other colors
White female betta
Yellow If very light in color or nearly transparent, they are then called “cellophane”
Carries one of the three iridescent colors
Apricot or Peach Yellow pastels
Faint orange fins
Orange Varies in hue
Either orange/red or yellow with a wash of orange
Red Solid reds are non-iridescent
Deep crimson
Normal red, with some black pigments
Red-orange betta
Steel Blue Metallic blue
One of the three iridescent colors
Royal Blue Another of the three iridescent colors
Darker, with a purple tint when young
Dark head with royal blue body
Cornflower Blue Dark head with cornflower blue body
Lavender, Purple, Violet Red, with a layer of light iridescent blue-green
Very rare
Green Another of the three iridescent colors
Bluish-green hue
Least fixed single color, so colors vary greatly
Turquoise Distinctive blue hue
Very rare to find consistent color across fish
Black Smoky black
Many times the females are infertile
Resulting from two different genes Melano or Fertile (aka Lace)
Black crowntail betta

Bi Colored

Cambodian Flesh-colored or white body
Fins are usually red
Can also be blue and black
Chocolate Body is dark, black or dark blue
Fins are yellow
Pastel Different Variations
White body
Fins are green or blue
Green teal betta


Butterfly One half of the fin is one color and the other half is another.
Some are tri-colored
Light bodies and dark bodies exist
Marble Body and fins have blotches of color over a light-colored background
Traditional marble – dark-bodied fish with white head
Colored marble – fins have a mix of light and dark colors
Piebald Face is flesh-colored
Body can be any color
Multi-Colored This is the type most pet stores carry. There is no way to predict the colors of their offspring.

Adam Short

Adam Short has been been a lifelong betta fish lover and has been teaching others how to take the very best care of their bettas for over 10 years.

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