Common Betta Fish Diseases Chart

Table of Contents
1. Care & Treatment of Dropsy
2. Care & Treatment of Fin Rot
3. Care & Treatment of Velvet

Below is a list of common Betta fish diseases and their symptoms. It’s important to note that all of these diseases are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions.

ConstipationCommonBloated stomach, won’t eat, lack of defecation (due to overfeeding)
DropsyRareBloated body and eyes, protruding scales
FungusCommonFluffy, white, cotton-like growths on body and/or fins.
Fish LiceInfrequentRound parasites attached to skin, ulcers
Fin RotCommonTorn, ragged fins and/or disintegrating fins
Gill ParasitesInfrequentScratching itself on aquarium objects
Strange swimming patterns
Breathing problems
Glazed eyes
IchCommonSmall white spots on body and/or fins that resemble grains of salt
Mouth FungusInfrequentPatchy skin or cotton-like growths on mouth
Parasites (intestinal)InfrequentWorms are visible through skin, emaciation
Pop EyeInfrequentProtruding eye(s) with possible white haze
Swim Bladder DiseaseInfrequentAbnormal swimming patterns, possible loss of balance
SepticimiaInfrequentLethargic, refuses to eat, red (blood) streaks on fin and body due to possible hemorrhage
Slime DiseaseVery CommonGrayish slime on body and/or fins which can be frayed
Scratching on aquarium objects
TuberculosisRareDull body color
Pop eye (sometimes)
Weight loss
Constricted Fins
Transferable to humans
VelvetVery CommonGold or grayish color on body or fins, can look like it was sprinkled with gold dust

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