Betta Falx

In The Wild

Date Classified:


Native Location:

Sumatra and Batang Hari River basin


Lowland swamp forests; stagnant water

Water and Hardness:

Calcium-magnesium – 1; alkaline – 1

Water pH:


In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance:

  • Brown
  • Three horizontal, black stripes
  • One stripe is from snout through the eye


  • Red-brown anal fins in the nuptial male
  • Caudal fins – blue inner band, a black submarginal band, white trim


1.5 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity:

Live and frozen foods

Water and Hardness:

Soft, clean water, with frequent changes

Water Temperature:

78-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH:

Low to neutral


They can tolerate varied conditions, but spawns best in soft, clean water with frozen food as well as live. If water is changed frequently, it will aid in spawning.