“Other” Patoti Populations

Betta cf. patoti “Turekai”

Resembles B. patoti but might not be one at all. No location has been determined.

Physical Appearance:

  • Male – bright blue unpaired fins and jaws
  • Male – black markings on throat
  • Male – dark bodies with blue-black blotches
  • Male – red below the eyes
  • Female – reddish-brown
  • Female – blue on anal fin

Betta cf. Patoti “EB1”

Similar to “Turekai”.

Physical Appearance:

  • Lower body has iridescent scales
  • Gill covers are iridescent

Betta cf. patoti “Samarinda”

Native of Samarinda, which is close to the locality of the “true” Betta patoti.

Physical Appearance:

  • Brown
  • Flank has darkened vertical bands
  • Orange margin on body
  • Black submargin and white margin on anal fin
  • Red marks below eye
  • Spotted fins


5 inches in length

Water and Hardness:


Water pH:

Neutral 7.0

Betta sp. “Sangau”

Upper Barito River in Sangau. It has been said that this Betta resembles Betta foerschi more than Betta patoti.

Physical Appearance:

  • Reddish-brown
  • Iridescent green scales
  • Pointed fins
  • Caudal fin is spade-shaped
  • Dorsal and anal fins are brown with thin margins
  • Slender with large head and eyes