Betta Smaragdina

In The Wild

Date Classified:


Native Location:



Grassy marshes, rice paddies, pools and ditches

Water pH:


In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance:

  • Dark body
  • Metallic blue, black, blue-black or green on the gill cover


  • Males’ fins are longer and have richer colors
  • Pelvic fins have red spots
  • Pelvic fins may be edged in white


2.5 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity:

Live such as brine shrimp or frozen; commercially prepared flakes and dried

Water and Hardness:

Calcium-magnesium hardness of 8-10

Water Temperature:

75-82 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH:

Neutral at 7.0 or slightly lower and more acidic


When bred for fighting, their fins are shorter. When bred for hobbyists and aquariums, their finnage is longer and more elegant. Easily bred in a 10-gallon fish tank that is 50% tap water and 50% RO water. Tank should be densely vegetated.