Betta Tails

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CombRay extensions around outer edge – comb-like appearance
CrownDistinguished spiky grooves at the end – rays extend further than the comb tail
DeltaTriangular – the V shape gives it its name for the Greek letter
DoubleAn inbred mutation – dorsal fin is same length as anal fin with 2 caudal lobes
FuseExtremely rare fusion of the caudal, dorsal & anal fins
HalfmoonHuge tail with 180 degree spread – spreads straight up and down, full dorsal, symmetrical anal fin
HeartPartially fused twin caudal fin gives it the “heart shape”
Round or FanSingle-tailed with round edges – often found under “single-tail”
ShortFinnage that is similar to the Betta in their natural habitat
SingleCommon one-lobed
VeilMost common tail – the result of artificially lengthening the wild shortfin form and has a long tail that droops behind him

Adam Short

Adam Short has been been a lifelong betta fish lover and has been teaching others how to take the very best care of their bettas for over 10 years.

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