Betta Fish Tank Setup – Part 2

Setting up your new fish tank for your Betta Fish can be a very exciting and rewarding process. However, it can also be a headache if you do not follow and adhere to specific instructions. In Part 1, we explained the beginnings of the tank setup which includes having your aquarium cleaned and placed on a commercially-purchased fish tank stand exactly in the room location you desire. Next you placed the substrate (gravel) in the tank, so now you are ready to move on to more fun aspects of the setup.

1. Décor

Plants decor for betta tank

If you’ve ever seen a bare bones aquarium, you understand that it is not pleasant to look at and doesn’t bring much gratification to the owner. Actually, the fish don’t enjoy it much as well.

There are so many possibilities you can create, so make it fun! Include the entire family. Consider using plastic statues, ceramic objects, plants, rocks, stones—the list goes on and on. You can create a beautiful aquarium environment that not only is visually appealing, but also expresses your tastes and will blend in with the colors and décor of your room.

2. Where to Purchase Decorations for your Betta Tank

When purchasing decorations, it’s probably best to acquire them through your aquarium dealer. This ensures that the objects are free from any contamination and toxic substances that can chemically change the fish tank water and potentially become dangerous to your Betta. Keeping this in mind, it is not wise to collect random rocks you find on the street or beach until you are aware of what, if anything, they can do to contaminate the aquarium environment.

3. Placement

As you place your rocks and other ornaments in your aquarium, be careful never to lean them up against the glass. They can easily fall and either harm your Betta or break the glass. Also, do not add any tank decorations that have sharp or rough edges. These can harm your Betta. Look for objects that are worn-looking and have a natural feel and appearance to them. This will create a more appealing design for your fish and for viewing.

4. Driftwood

When choosing what you will use for your unique aquarium design, don’t overlook driftwood. Even large pieces of this wood can become eye-catching centerpieces for your other ornaments and for your Betta. Purchase these pieces in your aquarium shop. If the wood is not treated correctly, it can easily decompose in the water and add unwanted chemicals and debris to your water that can potentially be harmful to your fish.

Enjoy your adventure when setting up your aquarium. Make it your own. Design it to please your eye and to be safe and enjoyable for your Betta. Add to the decorations as you discover new items. Just don’t crowd out your fish with so many that they have little room to move around. Enjoy!

If you are wondering about the mandatory elements you must add to your Betta aquarium, check out Part 3 of this aquarium setup article series.