Betta Fish Tank Setup – Introduction – Start Here!

Table of Contents
Part 1 – Initial Setup
Part 2 – Tank Decor
Part 3 – The Essentials

Is Tank Setup that important?

If you want a happy and healthy betta, proper tank setup is a must!

In this 3-part article series, we will cover the basics of the initial stages of setting up your aquarium in the right location, choosing decor and some of the essential elements your betta will need in his environment.

We will cover:

Aquarium plants
  • The best location for your fish tank
  • What type of support it needs
  • The correct position
  • How to clean it properly to prepare it for your betta
  • How to add decor that matches your home
  • Where to purchase safe decor for your betta tank
  • How to aerate your tank safely
  • Other essential elements

Click the Table of Contents above to read the individual articles or continue on to Part 1 here. Enjoy!