Common Betta Fish Tank Maintenance Supplies

You set up your betta fish tank—filter, lighting, betta and all…now what? Maintenance is just as important as the setup and the effort you put into this practice will result in a healthy, thriving betta.

Keeping Your Betta Fish Tank Clean

Proper cleaning will keep your betta healthy and the tank conditions sanitary. Although your filter will perform much of the daily dirty work, there is more to the job than many first time aquarium enthusiasts realize.

Tools for Betta Fish Care

Wondering what you will need to maintain your tank? Aside from the major equipment pieces, here are some tank supplies that will make your job of maintaining your tank that much easier.


Betta aquarium with plants set-up

Similar to swimming pools, nets help to remove larger debris from your betta fish tank. Use a special net with a softer material and a finer weave to ensure that no bettas are injured during cleaning time. The net is also useful if you have to remove a betta from the tank, either for cleaning or for unsettling behavior. A net also comes in handy when removing morsels of uneaten food that may become stuck in the tank.


Have you ever seen a betta fish tank with algae? Pretty gross-looking, right? So how do you get the algae off the tank? With a scraper, of course! Look for scrapers that have dual sides or attachments: one with a sponge and one with a pad. One side removes newer algae that isn’t completely stuck on the tank, and the other side has a rougher surface, for tougher jobs. Your scraper should have a long handle to allow easy access to all corners of the tank. Some scrapers even have a tool on the handle, which comes in handy for planting plants and stirring up gravel. Tip: Be careful with metal scrapers as they should not be used on acrylic tanks.


A commonly forgotten tool in betta fish tank care, a siphon is an essential for many tasks. Available in both electric and manual models, a siphon is a piece of plastic tubing that allows you to suck out the particles and debris that collect in the tank and create an unhealthy environment for your betta. To use the siphon, simply place one end in the tank and the other in a bucket. A manual siphon is the less expensive option, but it requires you to suck on one end to get the suction going. Different sized siphons are useful for varying jobs, from removing and replacing water to getting the smaller bits of debris out of the gravel bed.

Test Kit

To maintain an optimal tank environment, a test kit will ensure pH, nitrate and other levels are always well balanced to keep your betta happy and healthy.

These simple touches ensure that your betta fish tank is always sparkling clean and a healthy living environment for your fish.

Do you have any other tank setup supplies?