Betta Types – Physical Appearances

BandedRound tail, small fins
Golf and copper
Banded body – green flecks
BruneiRounded tail and small fins
Green edging on anal and dorsal fins
Body Color – gold, pink and/or white
Green pectoral fins
Edith’sRound tail, short fins
Female – dull orange with dark splotches and white spots
Male – brighter orange with dark splotches and blue-green spots
EmeraldRound tail and short fins
Bright green body overlaid with black web design
Pectoral fins are reddish
Foershi’sRound tail and short fins
Female – pinkish orange with dark splotches
Male – orange, green splotches, bright orange gills
MouthbroodingRound tail and very small fins (sometimes pointed tails)
Colors vary greatly from light gray to orange-gold
PaintedRound tail, small fins
Gold in color with 3 stripes running horizontally down body.
Green edged fins
PeacefulRound tail, long pectoral fins
Dark body with bluish-green marks
Edge of tail fin is bright red
Bluish/Green stripes on tail
PearlySpade-shaped tail and short fins
Female – dull bronze with dark splotches
Male – Brighter bronze with some green on body and fins with a dark stripe from eyes to gills
SarawakSmall, round tail and short Fins
Female – flat bronze color
Male – dark stripe down its entire side
Siamese Fighting
Most common pet Betta
Caudal fin has different shapes (round, heart, split, etc.) and is long and flowing
The anal fin can be short or very long, up to 3 inches
Color ranges greatly
SlenderSpade-shaped tail and short fins
Predominantly pink
Female – dark spots on tail and fins
Male – green highlights on body and fins
All have dotted dorsal fins and tails
Tessy’sPink and orange
3 stripes on body in zigzag pattern
Fins have flecks of green