The Ideal Diet for Your Betta

The Ideal Diet for your Betta

To keep your Betta healthy and thriving, you must feed it a specific diet. Nutritional Needs When Bettas are in their natural habitat, which is stagnant water and pools, they mostly eat live insects that are in the water. Therefore, if you want to offer your Betta a healthy diet, consider a nutritional complement. Give … Read more

Proper Feeding of Your Betta Fish

Proper Feeding for Your Betta Fish

The proper feeding of your Betta is extremely important to keeping him happy and healthy. As most fish owners know, there is proper food for every species of fish and one of these selective eaters is the Betta fish. Wild Betta Feeding In nature, Bettas eat what their perfect environment provides which gives them all … Read more

Betta Fish Food Guide

Betta Fish Food Guide

Betta fish are one of the most sought after fish species. They are admired, collected and bred by fish aficionados as well as beginner hobbyists. They are usually kept as pets because of their colorful bodies and impressive fin shapes. The most popular Betta fish is the Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta fish grow to an … Read more

Basic Betta Nutrition

Basic Betta Nutrition

Similar to every other creature on Earth, giving your Bettas the correct diet for their particular constitution will allow them to thrive and be healthy. There are specific foods for bettas that allow them to flourish. You can order them through your local pet store, fish dealer or breeder. Carnivores Bettas are carnivores. Yes, they … Read more

Betta Feeding & Your Fish – What’s for Dinner? (Video)

Proper betta feeding is vitally important to keeping your betta from getting sick. Learn what your betta likes to eat, when and how much. If overfed, your betta could get sick or lethargic. In this video, you will discover some of the betta food basics and feeding tips to keep your betta happy and healthy.

Betta Feeding & Nutrition – The Betta Food Bible (Video)

Feeding your betta the right foods and nutrients will keep him alive longer and happier in his home. In this video, you will discover the “tried and true” tips to a proper betta diet and what nutrients your betta needs to thrive and remain healthy and active.

Betta Feeding – More Human Than We Think

Betta Feeding - More Human Than We Think

It’s not often that Bettas are compared to human beings, but in the case of some feeding behaviors, we are exactly the same. Our bodies were made to digest certain foods. We thrive on natural, uncontaminated food products that haven’t been overly processed or “chemicalized.” Yes, we can survive for a time on artificial ingredients, … Read more