To Betta and Beyond – Join Betta Clubs and Organizations (Video)

Are you a part of Betta clubs or organizations? Discover the benefits of joining Betta clubs in your area! If you want to learn how to keep your fish healthy and your Betta aquarium clean, discover tips on first-time breeding, how to obtain quality stock and order Betta food and supplies, a local club or meet-up may be exactly what you are looking for.

Steps to Bringing Home a Healthy Betta (Video)

Worried about choosing a sick betta from the pet store? Wondering where to buy your fish and how to transport him safely to your home aquarium? Watch the above video to get some important tips on where to buy your betta, how to select a healthy one, and also how to keep him safe while traveling to his new home.

How to Obtain Quality Bettas

After you purchase your first Betta, you may want to expand your hobby. A few important ways you can accomplish this is through betta breeding and attending conventions, participating in shows and joining clubs. Joining Betta Clubs and Organizations Clubs gather for all types of interests and hobbies and Betta keepers are no exception. Once … Read more