How to Obtain Quality Bettas

After you purchase your first Betta, you may want to expand your hobby. A few important ways you can accomplish this is through betta breeding and attending conventions, participating in shows and joining clubs.

Joining Betta Clubs and Organizations

Clubs gather for all types of interests and hobbies and Betta keepers are no exception. Once you step into the “World of Bettas”, you will observe people coming at you from all directions. Betta hobbyists are passionate about this fish and love to share ideas, knowledge and their experiences with others. Most of these clubs are brimming with people who know exactly where to acquire the best Bettas. As you become familiar with those who attend, you’ll get the inside scoop on “everything Betta.”

Initially, many people will attend a local aquarium lover’s meeting. Soon you will see how many fans this little fish has, and find yourself at specific Betta seminars and “meet and greets.” Meetings may include a speaker who can direct you to exactly where you can purchase quality Bettas. After the get-together there may be a raffle or auction and even refreshments and food. Some Betta enthusiasts will even bring their magnificent specimens and betta aquariums to compare with Bettas belonging to other members.

Other Ways to Obtain Quality Stock

Although joining a Betta club or organization is perhaps the easiest way to acquire information on obtaining quality Bettas, there are other avenues as well. Also check in your area for specialized stores rather than normal pet shops.

One of the best places to find quality Bettas is Asia. The Bettas raised in these countries tend to be superior to the United States and other countries. One reason is the historical factor; they’ve been raising Bettas who are indigenous to this part of the world much longer than their American counterparts.

Bright green betta

This higher quality of breeding is due to several factors:

  • The labor is much cheaper
  • Live and fresh Betta food is readily available
  • The climate also allows for outdoor setups

Unfortunately, you can’t just email an Asian Betta farmer and tell him you want to purchase a Betta fish. The shipping for an individual fish or even a pair, as well as other impracticalities such as minimum orders, makes it nearly impossible. If you want to order your Bettas through an Asian farmer, its best to import them through clubs or wholesale organizations where a large group orders them and then divides them up when they arrive.

National and International Betta Fish Organizations

Finally, if all else fails, join a national or international Betta organization. These groups will hold shows where owners will show their Bettas and compete. Many Betta hobbyists who attend these shows often meet several breeders who have high quality stock and are willing to sell to you.

When you decide to select and purchase a Betta, quality is an important factor and the time you invest in research will reward you with a healthy fish. Many times, that means going beyond your local pet shop and locating those who spend much of their life raising and enjoying their Bettas.

What are your tips for obtaining quality bettas?