Basic Betta Nutrition

Basic Betta Nutrition

Similar to every other creature on Earth, giving your Bettas the correct diet for their particular constitution will allow them to thrive and be healthy. There are specific foods for bettas that allow them to flourish. You can order them through your local pet store, fish dealer or breeder. Carnivores Bettas are carnivores. Yes, they … Read more

Betta Feeding & Your Fish – What’s for Dinner? (Video)

Proper betta feeding is vitally important to keeping your betta from getting sick. Learn what your betta likes to eat, when and how much. If overfed, your betta could get sick or lethargic. In this video, you will discover some of the betta food basics and feeding tips to keep your betta happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betta Fish Diseases

FAQ about Betta Fish Diseases

Betta fish are susceptible to a variety of infections and conditions arising from improper water care. Before buying your betta, it is advisable to learn about their needs and typical diseases they can contract. Here are some of the conditions required for proper health, and a few of the betta disease types to which they … Read more

Betta Disease Prevention – Keep Your Betta Fish From Getting Sick! (Video)

How can you keep your fish free of Betta diseases? The answer is simpler than you may think. You can keep your Betta from getting sick by maintaining a healthy tank environment. Watch this video for tips on how to do that and prevent Betta diseases from affecting your pet fish! For more tips, get instant access to our famous “Betta Fish Secrets” mini-course!

What Species are the Best Betta Tank Mates?

Although most would presume that Bettas fare best when surrounded by the same species, this notion could not be further from the truth. Bettas are fighters and males are quite territorial. So what about a male and female in the same tank? Unfortunately, they too can get into scuffles that could hurt the other fish … Read more

How to Obtain Quality Bettas

After you purchase your first Betta, you may want to expand your hobby. A few important ways you can accomplish this is through betta breeding and attending conventions, participating in shows and joining clubs. Joining Betta Clubs and Organizations Clubs gather for all types of interests and hobbies and Betta keepers are no exception. Once … Read more

Betta Feeding & Nutrition – The Betta Food Bible (Video)

Feeding your betta the right foods and nutrients will keep him alive longer and happier in his home. In this video, you will discover the “tried and true” tips to a proper betta diet and what nutrients your betta needs to thrive and remain healthy and active.

Breeding Betta Fish

Breeding Betta Fish

Before breeding your Betta, set some time aside to assess the time, money and physical space you will need. Research as much as you can before you begin so you understand exactly what is required to breed Bettas successfully. Here are some helpful tips to get you started: Obtain a female betta – This can … Read more

Betta Biology

Gold half moon betta fish

Did you know that both the male and female Bettas share similar anatomical features? Equally, they have a cylindrical form, with the anterior part of the body tapering to a laterally compressed shape. The pelvic fins are quite long and extended, particularly in the male. The dorsal fin inserts behind the midpoint of the back … Read more

Caring for a Male and Female Betta Fish

Caring for a Male and Female Betta Fish

Is there any difference when caring for male and female Bettas? Mostly, no, but there are a few you should know. Below, we listed the Betta fish care basics for males and females. But, pay special attention to the tips on caring for a female. Female Bettas don’t receive the same attention as their more … Read more