Aquarium Supplies You Will Need for Your Betta

Aquarium Supplies You Will Need for Your Betta

As most fish owners know, there is basic tank supplies and equipment needed to keep their Betta Fish happy and healthy. There’s the correct size tank for the number of fish as well as filtration, lighting, a thermometer (and possibly a heater), plants, gravel and food. But, there are several items that are sometimes overlooked, … Read more

3 Betta Fish Diseases You Need to Know

3 Betta Fish Diseases You Need to Know

There are at least 15 known diseases that can affect your bettas. Although most of them are fairly infrequent, there are three that you definitely need to know about so you can initiate therapeutic action immediately. These are mostly non-lethal diseases but can cause discomfort and seriously impede their normal functioning. Fin Rot This is … Read more

Betta Feeding – More Human Than We Think

Betta Feeding - More Human Than We Think

It’s not often that Bettas are compared to human beings, but in the case of some feeding behaviors, we are exactly the same. Our bodies were made to digest certain foods. We thrive on natural, uncontaminated food products that haven’t been overly processed or “chemicalized.” Yes, we can survive for a time on artificial ingredients, … Read more

The Truth About Betta Breeding Part 2 – Spawning (Video)

New to betta breeding? Need some extra tips on how to ensure successful spawning? Then you are in the right place! In Part 2 of our 3-part video series on betta breeding, we talk about the essential steps to spawning bettas and how to avoid the most common problems. Happy betta breeeding!

Care & Treatment of Dropsy

Care & Treatment of Dropsy

What is Dropsy? Dropsy is not a disease, but a symptom of a bacterial infection. It surfaces as a swollen or bloated condition where the fish’s scales stand out like little pinecones. This is a serious infection and unless appropriate treatment is administered, the afflicted Betta may die. What causes Dropsy in Bettas and other … Read more

Caring for a Male and Female Betta

Caring for a Male and Female Betta

Female Bettas don’t receive the same attention as their more glamorous male counterparts. In fact, the only time female Betta fish are valued is when it comes time to spawn. Is there any difference when caring for male and female Bettas? Mostly, no, but there are a few you should know, especially when it comes … Read more

Common Betta Fish Diseases Chart

Common Betta Diseases Chart

Table of Contents 1. Care & Treatment of Dropsy 2. Care & Treatment of Fin Rot 3. Care & Treatment of Velvet Below is a list of common Betta fish diseases and their symptoms. It’s important to note that all of these diseases are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions. Name Frequency Symptoms Constipation Common … Read more

Guest post: How to cure fin rot – with aquarium salt!

How to Cure Fin Rot – with aquarium salt!

What is fin rot? Fin rot is a disease that is common in bettas that are stressed due to overcrowding, poor water quality or lack of a heater in the tank. It is caused by bacteria in the water.The most common symptoms include ragged looking fins and/or holes in the fins. The edges may become … Read more

How to Choose a Healthy Betta – Physical Signs of Distress

How to Choose a Healthy Betta from the Store - Physical Signs of Distress

It is important to know what to look for when buying a Betta from the pet store or fish dealer. Purchasing an unhealthy Betta can be disastrous. People who buy sick fish spend many distressing hours trying to improve its general health to no avail. These fragile fish do not recover easily from malnourishment or … Read more

Betta Diseases & Treatments: Part 1 (Video)

Don’t Let Your Betta Get Sick! Avoid Betta diseases that stem from viral infections and learn how to treat your Betta. Many of the viral infections are treatable. Find out about them in this helpful video.