Betta Behavior – Male and Female Betta Fish

Betta Behavior

The Betta behavior that resulted in the sport of Siamese Fish Fighting is still a distinguishing trait of the modern-day Betta despite the customized breeding over the last one hundred years. Warriors by nature, their aggressive behavior stems from the male Betta’s need to protect his territory. Male and Female Betta Fish A male will … Read more

Plants for your Betta Fish

Plants for Your Betta Fish

Betta fish have a lung-like labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe oxygen through atmospheric air as well as through the water. In their natural habitat, Bettas’ ability to breathe air allows them to swim in shallow water between many kinds of water plants, and rise to the surface to feed on larvae and plankton. … Read more

Water Quality for your Betta’s Health

Water Quality for your Betta's Health

You’ve decided to expand your family to include a beautiful Betta fish. Congratulations! We’re sure you will enjoy many years with your stunning and intriguing addition. Of course, there is much to purchase and many items that are needed to keep your Betta happy and healthy. Betta Fish Tank Conditions Once you set up your … Read more

Tank Recommendations

Tank Recommendations

There are basically two types of aquarium tanks: glass and acrylic. Although glass is still the most popular, acrylic weighs much less and is designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it aesthetically appealing. Glass tanks expand easily when filled with water and resist scratching, which provides great viewing. Acrylic tanks create … Read more

Betta Diseases & Treatments: Part 2 (Video)

Are you worried that your Betta will get sick? Prevent bacterial infections from hurting your Betta. From cotton wool disease to Ich, learn how to prevent and treat the worst Betta diseases so your fish can be happy and healthy for a very long time.

Basic Tips for Breeding Your Betta

Basic Tips for Breeding Your Betta

Most people who purchase Bettas do not intend to start a breeding project. However, many fall in love with their Betta so much that they decide it would be an enjoyable experience to breed them. There is no “perfect” way to breed your Betta, but regardless of the method you use, you will discover it … Read more

The Truth About Betta Breeding Part 1 – The Breeding Conditions (Video)

Betta breeding is a fine art and a practice that requires specific conditions to execute successfully. Are you concerned about breeding betta fish? Worried? Have no fear. We will help you learn how to breed your bettas the right way. In this video (Part 1), we discuss the basics of breeding conditions and what your betta tank needs to facilitate the right home for your breeding pair.

How to Maintain a Healthy Betta Fish Tank (Video)

Do you know how to keep your fish tank hospitable for your betta? In this video, we will teach you how to maintain your tank daily, weekly and yearly. We include a step-by-step checklist so you know exactly how to care for your betta and keep him happy and healthy.

Guidelines to Setting Up Your Tank

Guidelines to Setting Up Your Tank

When setting up your Betta’s tank, it’s important to remember they need room to swim as well as clean water. The minimum size tank for your Betta should be ten gallons unless you decide to set up an individual Betta bowl which can be much smaller. Your Betta’s house should be at least 3 or … Read more

How to Set Up a Betta Breeding Tank

How to Set Up a Betta Breeding Tank

Once you decide you want to breed the beautiful species of Betta fish, you may have a lot of questions. Betta breeding requires a certain level of knowledge, and first and foremost is understanding how to set up your breeding tank. What Size Betta Tank? We recommend using a 10-gallon tank because it is small … Read more